Top Valentine’s Day Ads

As with every special day or big event, there is much advertising surrounding Valentines Day and the purchasing of presents. While some Valentines Day ads are little more than an image and a price, some are quite creative and well thought out. From cute to fun to tongue-in cheek, we have done a search to find the best Valentine’s Day ads that have been created and present them below for your enjoyment.

1. Nutrient Water. This Valentine’s Day ad uses the silhouettes of a man and a women dancing, kissing and frolicking to pass on the Happy Valentine’s Day message. The by line for the ad is “Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine’s Day. Be bad. Drink good.” The idea being that when you consume this product you enjoy a host of nutritional benefits and have plenty of energy.


2. Dom Francisco Restaurant. We all know that what often follows a dinner date is time between the sheets. The cutlery and napkin has been laid out to look like a couple in bed; a couple that can “fork” and “spoon”.


3. Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery. Jewellery is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts and diamonds are considered a woman’s best friend and the only thing that is guaranteed to last forever. The first ad plays on the promises men make to the special person in their life where they often say they will give her everything including the moon and the stars, or that they will love her to the moon and back. It is also popular for men to propose on Valentine’s Day which is what the single solitaire diamond could be representing. And of course what comes after that is looking for rental properties London to start your wedded life in.


4. Heineken. Carrying on with jewellery and engagement ring theme is Heineken who cleverly use the light reflecting off the top of the bottle to look like an engagement ring.


5. Durex. Along with the romance of Valentine’s Day quite often comes sex and in this clever ad the date nine months after Valentine’s Day is listed. They recommend you avoid any surprises like unplanned pregnancy. Besides buying a pack of Durex condoms is considerably cheaper than a Notting Hill property for your family to grow in. This is probably one of the more effective Valentine’s Day ads around.

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