Three Vintage Adverts for Classic Cleaning Products

Vintage advertising serves as a fascinating reminder of how far our technology – and society – has progressed. Poring over old magazines, you’ll doubtless come across plenty of retro and vintage adverts aimed at a target audience that feels pretty difficult to relate to in this day and age. The happy homemakers of decades past are a far cry from today’s power-driven consumers, and the vintage home products you’ll find in a typical housekeeping advertisement seem decidedly quaint in comparison with today’s state-of-the-art steam mop brands! Below are a few interesting examples of vintage advertisements that will make you laugh, make you think and maybe even make you cringe…

Fighting Stains in Space

This print advertisement was produced in 1968, a year before the Apollo 11 moon landing. Lestoil, a product developed to remove greasy stains in the home, advertised with the slogan “Women of the future will make the moon a cleaner place to live”. This vintage advert seems pretty funny looking back from the 21st Century, but we doubt it was a hit with the female astronauts of the era, who included NASA mission specialist Barbara Morgan and Sunita Williams, who still holds the record for the longest spaceflight ever completed by a woman.

Back in Time with Tide

This product was first introduced to the market in 1946, and was the very first heavy-duty synthetic laundry detergent. The vintage advertisements for Tide (produced in the 50’s and 60’s) include artwork that is typical of this era in advertising. Since then, the iconic “happy housewife” we see so often in retro and vintage print advertisements and posters has fallen completely out of vogue, replaced by the busy go-getter who balances work and family while maintaining an immaculate home.

Carpet Cleaners for Christmas?

The artwork in this vintage advertisement is beautifully executed, but perhaps it should have come with a warning label! Yes, vacuum cleaners and other housekeeping appliances are a great investment, and a necessity for a wide variety of consumers… but it’s safe to say they won’t be a welcome sight under the Christmas tree!

It’s pretty interesting to see how far the world of advertising has come since these vintage prints were created, and how our attitude towards appliances has changed. Today, a cutting-edge carpet steam cleaning machine is simply an essential component of the modern home – but a few decades ago, they were considered luxury items. It’s great to see that these everyday cleaning products have become more accessible and affordable since the days of these vintage adverts!

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