PepsiCo Launches European Digital Start-Up Search

PepsiCo, the food and beverage giant, is launching the PepsiCo 10 programme in Europe to identify ten European start-ups that can help enhance its new media capabilities. This is in an effort to discover and support new and exciting technology innovations with the focus being on digital and social media. This is not a new venture for PepsiCo; the success in the US was tremendous. Focusing on the UK and Europe, PepsiCo will seek out 10 start-up companies to help promote the Pepsi brand and let customers communicate with the brand.

PepsiCo has partnered with venture capital firms Highland Capital Partners and tech magazines Mashable and Wired for the Europe wide program. The program will chose 10 companies that will work with PepsiCo brands Pepsi, Walkers, Tropicana and Quaker for developing new methods to interact and engage customers. This is a fantastic and once in a life time opportunity for a digital start-up to get a foot in the door in the digital industry and even to become established. The PepsiCo competition is purely for Europe based companies and is such a brilliant endeavour that an estate agent in Bayswater might soon have her hands full with re-locating offices.

The winning firms will pilot social media, mobile marketing, location, digital video, gaming or learning technologies, applying them to all international PepsiCo brands, while getting support from industry mentors. The marketing initiative will give PepsiCo access to cutting-edge technology that it will use to boost its digital communications. The idea for marrying start-up capital investment with a family of major brands that can ultimately serve as the start-ups’ first clients and partners is brilliant. It may also give PepsiCo’s brands an inherent advantage as an innovator and early-adopter in engaging customers with new, compelling technologies. If you are not in somewhere in Europe like central London estate agents should be top of your list of people to ring.

The lucky selected applicants will be assessed by PepsiCo, and around 40 should receive requests for video pitch presentations demonstrating their credentials. It certainly is a tedious and vigorous application process but will ultimately be fruitful. Apart from the prestige and also being established in the industry, the top 10 chosen digital and social media start-ups will also receive £10,000 from PepsiCo.


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