The Distinctive iPod Advertising Campaign

Legions of loyal Apple consumers will tell you it’s pointless to compare iPod Touch models to other portable media player brands on the market. You might think this is due to the impressive technical specs of the Apple product range, but creative iPod advertising also played a vital role in the establishment of the product’s popularity. The iPod advertising campaign, launched when the first generation iPod was released, was certainly a crucial factor when convincing consumers that even a cheap iPod Touch, Shuffle or Nano is preferable to a competing product with all the bells and whistles.

The iPod advertising campaign used a distinct visual style that became instantly recognisable; television commercials, print advertisements and posters featured dark silhouetted figures against bright, colourful backgrounds. The silhouettes are listening to their iPods and usually dancing. Since then, the Apple iPod advertising campaign has been referenced across all areas of popular culture from cartoons and movies to talk shows and magazines. iPod fans can even create their own personal silhouettes with the “iPop my Photo” service.

iPod advertising has featured chart-topping hits from popular bands throughout the history of the campaign. These include U2’s Vertigo in 2004 and Coldplay’s Viva la Vida in 2008.

When we compare these 2 advertisements, we can see how the visual style evolved over the years, while remaining true to the original Apple iPod advertising strategy.

Today, it’s still not uncommon to see iPod advertising references in popular culture; Darth Vader, Homer Simpson and Bugs Bunny are just a few of the icons to feature in spoofs of iPod commercials. The iPod advertising campaign demonstrates how Apple’s commitment to creative marketing plays just as great a role in their popularity as their dedication to producing more advanced, innovative products.

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