Three Great Shoe Advertisement Examples in Print

An attractive in-store display of sneakers, stilettos or sports footwear neatly presented on rows of shoe hangers is bound to attract consumers’ attention; however, it takes more than stylish footwear hangers and in-store promotions to promote a footwear brand – a well-executed shoe advertisement that send the right message about the product and projects the desired brand image will be the thing that sends consumers flocking to the nearest shoe retailer. Below are some great examples of print advertisements for popular shoe brands – these advertisements have appeared in fashion and sports magazines, reaching the target audience with highly visual communication and a clear message.


The agency, McCann Erickson, needed a creative way of bringing across a simple message with this shoe advertisement: “Nike shoes are faster than competing brands”. Their solution was to show an in-store shoe display in which non-Nike shoes have been replaced with tortoises. The visual metaphor packs a punch and brings a smile to the face of the consumer. Simple and sophisticated, this Nike shoe advertisement is a sure-fire winner.

New Balance

Advertising agency Los Quiltros of Santiago also used a visual metaphor, but in this case the shoe advertisement appeals to the emotions of the consumer, rather than their desire to compete. The advertisement reads “Run with the Heart”, and is clearly aimed at an audience who love running for the personal joy it brings them, rather than those who wish to outrace their opponents. By comparing the New Balance and Nike running shoe advertisements, we can immediately see how the same advertising format can be tailored to communicate with different types of consumers.


Unibratec Advertising School in Brazil created the “Skateboard” shoe advertisement to appeal to young urban consumers who enjoy skating and are fans of the fashionable Converse All Star brand. Once again, this shoe advertisement demonstrates a simple yet clever visual metaphor that can be instantly understood by the target audience.

The creative shoe advertisements listed above are just a few of the best examples showing how print advertising can be used to capture the attention of certain groups of consumers. There are hundreds of great new examples constantly being created by some of the world’s top agencies for the most popular brands on the market. If you can think of a shoe advertisement that captured your imagination recently, share it with AdMadness – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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