New Online Advertising Laws: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

A series of new online advertising laws from the UK Committee on Advertising Practices (CAP) came into effect in February this year; the rules cover online behavioural advertising practices, and as a result the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) will now be regulating the use of behavioural tracking and targeting technologies online. As an advertiser, it’s important to ensure that you’re compliant with these latest rules, and as a consumer, you should know how this affects you and your online experience.

Let’s take a closer look at these legal developments, and the reasons behind them.

About OBA

Until now, advertising networks have used tracking technologies such as cookies to keep tabs on user behaviour online, and with the information gathered, they have been able to display online advertisements that catered to the users’ apparent interests. This is known as online behavioural advertising or OBA. Any international law firm would agree that a fully transparent approach is necessary in these cases, to ensure that OBA is ethically employed across the board.

CDZA’s ‘Fresh Prince: Google Translate’ Goes Viral

google translate fresh princeIt’s quite ironic that a video that went viral on Google actually highlights the limits of one of the search engine’s services, Google Translate. If you haven’t yet seen the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air translated by musical video experimental group, CDZA, you’re seriously missing out. The innovative group of young musicians churned the lyrics of the popular 90s sitcom through Google Translate, translating them from English to mandarin, the most widely spoken language it the world, and then back to English. The results, as expected, were hilarious and bordering on ludicrous, as the group continued to translate back and forth using every language on the translation platform. The video definitely highlights that it wouldn’t be wise to use Google translate for medical translation!

The Super Appeal of Super Bowl Adverts

The American National Football League’s championship Super Bowl event is watched by 90 million people, and that includes many foreigners who don’t understand American Football at all. The main reason for this is the Super Bowl adverts, which costs millions and showcases the most innovative concepts dreamed up by world-class advertising agencies from all over the world.

Change4Life Campaign promotes Healthy Eating in the New Year

The UK’s Change4Life campaign is in full swing, and aims to promote healthier dietary choices and a more active lifestyle for Britons. This week will see the campaign take its message to a new level with an advertising “first” – an entire prime-time commercial break devoted to promoting healthy eating.

A new set of Change4Life TV advertisements, created by Aardman of Wallace and Gromit fame, will air tonight (Monday 7th January), during the popular Coronation Street on ITV1; the health-focused ad break will also feature commercials from big-name participants like Asda and the Co-Op.

A Popular Plumbing Service Has the Right Attitude

We’re all going to need a plumbing service at some stage in our adult lives, but should we be made to feel as if we need them? Let me explain: a business or service, be it plumbing or dressmakers, should never make their customers made to feel like that need them. They should be trying to make the customer feel like they want that particular service. The truth is the plumber requires his customers more than the reverse because the choice always comes down to the customer. This is a where one plumbing service got it right; it’s not a price list or even half-price specials that are going to rope customers in. What will have a customer return to your website is feeling that they’re the one who are truly cared for. Asking the right questions is of no cost to a plumbing service business, it only asks that they spend the right amount of attention.

Malta Airport’s New and Interactive Website

Malta Airport innovations

The Malta airport along with its main airline Air Malta have incorporated some changes and improvements into their advertising and marketing strategies, and recently, the international airport of Malta has introduced an interactive website to their customer based offering. Company formation in Malta is ever increasing and the new website will not only appeal to tourists but businessmen alike.

Two Terrific SABC TV Licence Adverts

It’s common knowledge that state-owned broadcasting companies around the world require a TV licence to fund public broadcasting. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), which provides three television channels and 18 radio stations to the country, is one of these. In order to encourage the payment of SABC TV licences, the corporation regularly launches creative advertising campaigns that highlight the benefits of public programming and the necessity for funding.

Whether you’re a dedicated couch potato or an occasional viewer with the latest DSTV installation Pretoria, you are still required by law to have an up-to-date licence for your TV. Here is a look at two excellent examples of TV licence payment campaigns from the SABC.

Joan Jett Featured in Latest Vegan Peta Ad

Peta has transcended from “no fur” to “no meat” with their current vegan ad series. The animal rights group, which continues to cause a lot of controversy with their campaigns, were recently banned from the Super Bowl for a “Veggie Love” advert that was deemed too hot for the sporting event.

Besides their penchant for edgy advertising however, Peta’s latest advertising stints have spread a lot of awareness about the environmental and physical health benefits of vegan kosher bars and vegetarian diets. Having recruited a long list of high-profile celebs to promote their causes, the anti animal cruelty organisation recently landed Joan Jett to endorse World Vegan Month. The iconic American rock singer was featured as the face of Peta’s new ad behind the caption “I am Joan Jett, and I am a vegetarian.”

Audiovisual Heritage in the Spotlight

October 27th marked the sixth annual World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, a campaign dedicated to promoting and preserving the audiovisual formats that serve as a record of our society’s history.

Since the advent of film and television, moving images have helped to shape the history and identity of the world; people of all cultures, languages and levels of literacy can understand and appreciate “audiovisual documents”.

What are Audiovisual Documents?

If you work in film, radio, television or an audio visual installations firm, you’ll know that the term audiovisual documents refers to those that appeal to the eye and the ear. Examples include video recordings, television programmes, films and radio broadcasts.

BRND WGN wins Air Malta Tender

Air Malta

The national airline carrier for the popular tourist destination of Malta, Air Malta has now announced that BRND WGN has now become the companies advertising agency. This is a rather large client for BRND WGN and they were selected over a few other local and international advertising agencies. There are many effective advertising agencies on the island making use of Malta company law and BRND WGN, a Maltese advertising agency in the heart of the city, got the tender.